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Sunday, December 9, 2012

brand case brac - method case grounded theory- process design hub

3 day deadline
if you agree (or are passionately curious) with some of the above -why not do some grounded theory research- highlight the bits that interest you and ping back to me- if if get contributions i will circulate the combined update in 72 hours 

Is there a way to create an internal hub (idea accelerator)  on top floor of brac - couldnt this be a continuation of first 2 japan embassy conversations- and be especially timely if its in place before sarah visits dhaka on her leadership quest 

mostofa and i have been editing good hub guide and leadership quest processes since we first met late 2006 as we assumed that was the core process of what were then being announced as muhammad yunus forums designed by bangladesh expats to engage youth of capitals with a future- in london we circulated over 4000 pamphlets on that including at yunus 1000 booktalk at st james -- equally people like aigerim have pitched great student led accelerator concepts at yunus entrepreneur competitions and it is high time we linked together all student competitors interested in hubs/incubators/accelerators

before the annual shareholders meeting 18 july 2013, we could ask sir fazle to write a letter to the economist asking if they wanted to celebrate their 170th birthday of mediating end hunger at a small party launching brac hub since the processes of editing end poverty and doing it need deeper blending -perhaps prince charles could walk over to bless such a launch

imagine sir fazle is chief editor of special issue of journal of social business - 2010s the most exciting decade of brac and worldwide youth

it might include papers on total education chain
with some specific cases like brac version of free nursing college or making a mooc out of one of the missing curriculum

the future of cashless banking and massive extending aflatoun curriculum

brac as where open tech youth eg from mit love to intern from around the world

the evolution of brac's lab process ... 

the connections of brac with other future education alumni -with other free university, lucknow, etc

--then the process needed so that lead practice teams write up first version of paper but sir fazle edits both politically but so as to interlink the futures he and his family most want needs a space on his top floor - why not make the connecting person of that space mostofa, 

if i could say that this hub was being tested inside brac jan to june 2013 then I could search for some first super interns - eg the student ceos of mit100k - but i am sure you all can think of other super interns especially on youth wizard tech side - you could also see if below the radar grameen intel dhaka office wanted to join in or ahmed with or some of other projects that japan embassy dialogue found dhaka wizard tech are already developing- debates on future of internet japan and bangladesh would most like to see could also be convene - something ullah with jim may be bringing one fast forward impetus to

the same sort of iterative content is for example why some scottish universities or youth competition teams might want to partner brac when sir fazle is celebrated all over scotland; if we can demo this in scotland we can try and do in massachussetts next 

in so called developed world brac microhub can become number 1 brand architecture in future of education that youth want most especially as cashless banking models and investment/education models in youth job creation are natural twins -as of course is monica's and sir fazle's daughter's business model when twin cities -better yet treble up with soros' son

previously the 2 projects of sams i liked most:
learning exchange between 3 greats brac grameen jamii bora
take jamii bora to 60 southern contexts needing to form an association of slum microcredit

make the hub in brac and we can get back to this - especially if we do extend these 2 projects as joint interests of microcreditsummit and microeducationsummit

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