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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

our 1984 book on how to invest in net generations's youth's co-creation of 3 billion new jobs during 2010s recommended that the bbc start a reality tv game in the 2000s that could be open sourced among all public broadcasters and any of the internet bookmarks that youth voted as both economic and uniquely purposeful

the reality tv game's purpose:  to identify over 30000 open franchises that could be replicated across communities and global villages so that the most life-critical knowledge empowered services human beings needed most

we believed that one valid way to catalogue these jobs was to search out

  1. 1 billion green look at history to see how new sources of energy have unleashed widespread human progress and celebrate the challenge of abundant clean energy before the carbon value chain pollutes us all) ,
  2.  1 billion collaboration tech (in the 1960s man raced to moon with a million times less connected technolgy than the netgen can value actioning), and 
  3. 1 billion dsigned so that a child could be born in any community with a reasonable chance at growing up healthy, free and happily productive - that would mean that the human race would need to converge cultures around ending extreme poverty by ensuring sufficient access by children to food. water, peaceful homes or communities, helath and education

ok so why hasnt the bbc taken on this eladership reponsibility - eg we know it has been under attack since early 1990s ny the murdoch empire which as the houses of parliament has proved have hacked the morals  out of UK media, politicians and police forces- but what else has prevented the number 1 public investment ever made in media from helping youth explore the greatest productive and sustainable opportunities to co-produce any genration ever had provided we started up this exciting hunt out of every community at the same time

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