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Sunday, June 19, 2016

lessons on helath from brac

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the whole truth about health lookvery different to bottom-up grassroots networmks than top-down masters of administration.

 Search out how different  real economic segments can be:
infant care needed to save quarter of lives in developing countries can be mostly about maternal knowhow (eg oral rehydration and nutrition) and not expensive medicine; of course there are basic vaccinations and fever reducing pils that need local distribution (cf food security)

most maternal care is very economic provided you take advantage of this population being trackable from onset of pregnancy

get infant and materbal care right in a place where generations have previously suffered from illiteracy, no electricity and no telecommunications and you change the role of women –brac has helped reduce number of chilldren born to rural women by three-fold  ...ncreasing the life expectancy of both mothers and children has a positive feedback loop

adolescent healthcare which actually starts at 7 has been  misconceived in ways that have hugely costly consequenccs on society and youth’s  hope and sense of self- again there is so much that education and community support can sustain (brac’s international clubs for poor teenage girls have intuitively tapped into missing health service of adolescents- 2016 has seen the lancet breaktrough on the vaklue of adolescent health programs and this age’s critical consequences on how the brain develops

the most economic last mile staff in fighting ingfectious diseases are often those who have had and survived the disease- brac has helped lead this in its programs combating tuberculosis

brac by being the world’s first partner in such low cost solution franchsies not only built a rureal healthcare system out of nothing but is the number 1 benchmark in community working health that any developing country’s youth can value
Gender equality – valuig (disadvantaged)girls futures is number 1 is brac’s overall metric in line with keynsians and adam sith system design; girls clubs across muslim countries its most popular interenational serviec
7 Affordable and clean energy models have been led out of bangaldesh since the nation become the first to value mobile phones for the poor. 1996 saw Muhammad Yunus originate the grameen telephone model, what has become known in micro-systems as the siolar-a-billion models and biogas ovens. Yunus adapted the solar kowedlege from neville willoiams (see his self network and his origin as carter’s champion ogf solar energy!) but hoyunuis' own grameen banks structure of offered one village lady per centre of 60 the opportunity to be a telephone lady. For several years this was the most profitablke microfranchsie village mothers had ever seen. But within a decade mobile telephony becase the leapfrong benchmark for digital conclusion. To complete the end of kerosene as a cooking utility, biogas ovens are replicating fast. The microsolar maket hjas become very competitive and without a diferential advaatge that brac clould serve. So brac has largey exited the sol;ar market secure that it is already well supplied to its hostirical clients.
Industry innovation and infrastructure

Botom up infrasytructire and industry innovation is almost always aligned with sustainability.

Given that half the wor;ld’s youth live o 1% of the p;lanet within 3000 miles of beijong – responsible sino-bangaldesh partnetrships  are probably the only joyful way back to beig alive to see sustainability’s race

BTRAc has been a world leader ion designing last mile service francise and the ir supporting infrastructures. Paul Polak who has also spent most of his last 45 years innovating out of bangaldesh now prioritioese designs for 20 bottiom up multinationals

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